Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

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A concentrated gel that primes the skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Upon application, alguronic acid filling spheres swell on contact with the skin, instantly concealing the appearance of lines and imperfections using this exclusive technology. The skin is primed for improved makeup application and a longer lasting, perfected finish. The regenerative power of alguronic acid combines with soy protein, echinacea, and an active peptide complex to minimize the look of deep wrinkles and even skin texture, creating a more youthful appearance and healthful glow.

Alguronic acid is a unique and powerful regenerative compound from microalgae. This rare ingredient was discovered unexpectedly by a biotechnology laboratory in San Francisco, CA, focused on researching renewable energy solutions. Algenist is the only line of skincare products to contain the antiaging power of alguronic acid.

Vanessa’s Review
Since the area around our eyes ages 36% faster than the rest of our face, I noticed my makeup settling into the fine lines under my eyes and immediately took action. I booked an appointment with my cosmetic surgeon, then sprinted to Sephora for a quick fix to bridge me to my appointment.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler works not because the algae expolysaccharides work magically vaporize wrinkles; rather, the formula contains silicone that works like a spackle to fill in fine lines.

Defined by Algenist as a “gel primer,” I thought I discovered the fountain of youth in a tube and eagerly applied it to my entire face like I usually apply foundation primer. It appeared to result in a smooth, primed surface. However, applying liquid foundation ruined the intended effect; rather than appear poreless and wrinkle-free, the liquid foundation refused to adhere to the primer, and resulted in flakey under-eye skin and a rough overall texture.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler is not a foundation primer and shouldn’t be used as one; however, it is an effective and wrinkle filler and if applied correctly, provides a completely smooth, flaweless finish.

For my second attempt, I smoothed a pea-size amount under each eye (and Smashbox primer on the rest of my face), concentrating on the fine lines I wanted to mask. My skin appeared completely smooth and wrinkle-free after the product dried (in 5 minutes). I successfully applied mineral makeup and powder to set.

Personally, I think Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler looks best with minimal makeup. It is perfect if you’re low maintenance, wear little to no makeup and want to take 5 years off your face in 5 minutes. It’s an instant lower eyelift or temporary filler for forehead fine lines. If applied heavily to a targeted area, this product completely temporarily fills in wrinkles.

If applied correctly, results in airbrushed, poreless, wrinkle-free skin. Couldn’t ask more from a wrinkle filler.

The effect is temporary. Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler is definitely not the DeLorean of skincare products. No traveling back to when you fearlessly fake baked, slapped on baby oil and hit the beach then slept in your makeup with zero fear of fine lines. Also, it’s too thick to be used as a liquid foundation primer.

How To Use
Generously smooth on (do not massage in) targeted areas, allow it to completely dry, then apply mineral foundation. If you aren’t getting the results for which you had hoped, try using more product.

* My surgeon ended up using the CO2 laser under my eyes, which vaporized any fine lines and provided a long-term solution. Read that review here.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board


24″x36″ Board Shopping List
1. 24×36 Black Picture Frame
2. Steel Sheet
3. Magnetic Basket
4. Magnetic Hook (4 Pack)
5. Magnets
6. Craft Adhesive
7. Mirror

Put the metal sheet in an appropriate frame, add baskets and hooks, secure magnets to makeup and mirror with glue/adhesive…. BOOM! You just created an organized magnetic makeup board for around $50, which you can secure to the wall over a desk and use as a vanity.

Create a similar board for around $20 by ditching the mirror and using an old frame you have around the house.

Let’s Talk Eye Shadow Brushes…

How can I apply eye shadow like a pro with as few inexpensive brushes as possible? Do you recommend an inexpensive starter kit for beginners on a budget?

photo 1Eyemakeup1

I achieved this look by applying 3 shadows from Urban Decay’s Original Naked Palette with 2 brushes from Real Techniques Starter Set ($14.79). In fact, although I own a billion brushes that range in price from drugstore steals to $75 for a single brush, I use the Deluxe Crease Brush from this set daily.

To copy this look, first prime your eyelids using your favorite primer. I am loyal to Urban Decay. NYX makes a less expensive version that also works well. Next, use the Real Techniques base shadow brush to apply:

1. SIDECAR, or your base shadow (usually this is my 2nd lightest shadow), to the entire lid
2. SMOG, or a slightly darker shadow, as a transition color above the lid, into and above the crease
3. VIRGIN, or your lightest shadow above Smog, up to the eyebrow

Lastly, to define the crease, press DARKHORSE, or your darkest shadow, into the crease with the deluxe crease brush.

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Trend Alert: Slip-On Sneakers


I opened the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog today and slip-on sneakers adorned all of the models’ feet. It’s still a thing. It wasn’t MY thing… until I found a pair of quilted sequin slip-ons for $20 that spoke to me in a way that their $175 Ash counterpart did not.  A little known fact:  Women can wear girls shoes by ordering 2 sizes down.  For example, I wear a size 8.5-9 regularly. I ordered a size 7 from Justice, thinking Justice offered these babies in kid’s sizes.  I even called customer service and asked for sizing advice; the woman suggested I order a size 8.  Thinking I knew better and couldn’t be tricked, I ordered the size 7 (pictured below), which were a tad too snug.  I ordered a pair in my normal size (9) and gifted my mom this pair.  For the best fit, order the size your regularly wear or 1/2 size down.  They do stretch out… I could definitely get away with wearing the 7, but want them to feel broken in immediately.  Justice offers free returns/exchanges, so you really can’t go wrong.

Also, take a look below at the luxury versions of these sneakers!  I adore the steal!

Picfx 2



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Retail for $840.  Purchased for $150.

Retail for $840. Purchased for $150.