At-Home Chemical Peel Results

I’m basically healed from my laser skin resurfacing and will post a 2 week update tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had to share Chelsea’s before and 1 week after chemical peel results.

I started Chelsea’s series of 6 peels with a light 30% glycolic peel for 2 minutes, after which she did not peel.

For the 2nd chemical peel, I used a glycolic acid/salicylic combo, which evened out her skin tone, eliminated breakouts and reduced dark spots and scarring. Her chemical peel results are AMAZING! I can’t wait to get my hands on her face again.
ASDM Beverly Hills chemical peel results

To prep, I cleansed Chelsea’s face with Cetaphil, then wiped her face with 70% alcohol.

Then I used 50% ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Acid, which I left on for exactly 3 minutes.

I neutralized the acid, rewashed her face and applied 20% ASDM Beverly Hills Salicylic Acid for 2 minutes.

I finished the peel by washing her face once more and applying Cetaphil moisturizer.

Immediately after the chemical peel, Chelsea looked very red and strange bumps (that looked like hives) appeared. The bumps subsided within an hour, but she still looked like a crazy, peeling, red-faced monster for a few days; her total downtime from crazy to totally healed was 1 week.  She could have expedited the healing process with proper post-peel care; however, she never purchased Cetaphil or Aquaphor.

When healing from a laser or chemical peel, use Aquaphor Healing Ointment.  It will significantly expedite the healing process.

Note the marked improvement after only 2 treatments.

Chelsea is extremely happy with her results thus far and will undergo a 3rd chemical peel this weekend.

Click here to visit ASDM Beverly Hills and purchase the products I used on Chelsea.


Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing

Procedure Day

Yesterday I went to Masri Clinic in Birmingham, MI and had erbium laser skin resurfacing to my face.

Erbium laser skin resurfacing precisely ablates the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. The procedure also activates collagen to promote further tightening of the skin.

This procedure removes hyper-pigmentation, superficial lines to moderately deep wrinkles with less pain, fewer side-effects, and a more rapid recovery than other treatments, such as the CO2 laser.

Personally, I like having it done once a year/once every 2 years because I tend to pick at my face, which leaves red marks. Also, I love not having to wear foundation; this procedure leaves my skin looking airbrushed. However, the results are “indefinite” if you maintain your skin with SPF and products. The typical cost for this type of procedure ranges from $600-$2000.


The actual laser head used


The Laser

Laser skin resurfacing treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of a local anesthetic and possibly a mild sedative. I opted out of the sedative and wish I hadn’t!  TAKE THE SEDATIVE!

My laser technician cleansed my face with alcohol, applied topical numbing medication, then covered my face with Saran wrap to expedite the absorption of the medication.

Here is the FULL 1st pass of the laser.

In between each pass of the laser (we did 4), my technician reapplied numbing cream, which was the most painful part of the process.

This video contains some unladylike language, but shows you what to expect in-between each pass of the laser.

Immediately following the procedure…..

laser skin surfacing

Blowing cool air on my face, to alleviate the burn

laser skin resurfacing

Wiping off the crust on my face


Wiping off MORE crud. Lots of crusty crud.

When erbium laser skin resurfacing is complete, your doctor will apply a copper peptide cream or some other healing ointment and instruct you to keep your face moist until it peels in 3-5 days.


Applying post-treatment Copper Peptide cream to my face, which I will use to keep my face moist for 3-5 days, or until my face peels.


Applying the Copper Peptide Cream


I will post daily videos/photos of my progress in separate blog posts starting on day 3.

Although there wasn’t much change from yesterday to today, here is my video from this morning.

Day 2.  A lot of swelling. No/little pain. Was very difficult to sleep without wiping off the cream.  My doctor advised me NOT to wash my face until it peels.

**Also, this is not a sponsored post.  I elected to look like Freddy Krueger with zero monetary incentive.

Unemployed & Homeless

I apologize for being MIA!  I’m a hopeless multi-tasker.  We spent our anniversary in Costa Rica and since getting back, my husband and I have spent every waking second securing his post-fellowship employment (accomplished) and our future housing (getting there).  If things were left completely to Josh, we would be unemployed, homeless and living in my parents’ basement… or a mobile home.

In fact, I usurped control of the house hunt after catching Josh browsing mobile homes online.  “We can live here… in this mobile home for FREE… while figure out what to do… Then we have a home on wheels instead of wasting money on rent…” he suggested after I shot down moving into my parents’ basement as a housing solution.

In the beginning, Josh and I defined “dream home” differently.  Josh wanted an underground bunker on 100 acres.  I wanted a waterfront property featuring a wall of windows in the great room. Josh had to have room to play ping pong.  I required a 1st floor master.  Josh believed all above-ground homes required a safe room.  No, seriously…  A safe room.  He also requires vaulted ceilings.  Judging from his distaste for 8 foot ceilings, you’d think he was a retired NBA player, not a 5’7” Jewish doctor.

We made an offer $40k over the appraised value of a home FSBO next to my parents.  The house is on the peninsula of a private lake, and featured ALMOST every single thing on both of our wish lists; it had a safe room!!!  Although it lacked a large master closet, wasn’t on several wooded acres and the finishes weren’t as modern as we like, it was as perfect as we were going to get without building.  I know.  I’ve been looking.  For a year.


So… it looks like we are building.  We had a meeting of minds and are on the same page as far as the house goes.  In fact, today we gave the green light to put an offer in on 2.5 heavily wooded lakefront acres, contingent on the ability to build a boardwalk and dock.  He can have his home in the woods on a few acres, and I can have my great room with a wall of windows overlooking a lake.

Fingers crossed!  I really want to take credit for both of our visions coming to fruition.

I’m trying so hard not to get too excited.  This entire process reminds me of getting married.  Possibly not being able to get rid of it if you need to… probably going bankrupt if you have to walk away… Feeling trapped.  You have to take a leap of faith based on the information you have and pray it works out.

Thankfully, I’m deliriously happy being married to Josh.  I love him more than ever and rarely want to smother him in his sleep with 1 of the 7 pillows he requires.  Hopefully, we will be just as happy with our decision to say “We Do” to a home, so we can focus on filling the house with a kid or 2…

… Because I refuse to bring a newborn home from the hospital to a mobile home.  Or my parents’ basement.

Anyway, I have a ton of great beauty finds I need to share and promise to share my latest skincare obsession within the next few days… Hint: I found THE BEST medical grade at-home chemical peel line, which I tested on myself, my mom and my brother’s girlfriend.

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How To Turn a Clutch into a Designer Fanny Pack

Rather than attempting to the traverse mountain ranges, volcanoes and pothole-scarred roads of Costa Rica during our upcoming trip, we chartered a domestic flight that challenged me to keep my baggage under 30 lbs. Consequently, I’ve been VERY creative when it comes to packing versatile items that can take me from hiking the jungle to repelling down a waterfall.

Lululemon and Da-Nang cargo pants. Pieces by Free People that can be worn as a shirt, dress or swimsuit coverup. Water shoes with tread for hiking. Dry-fit gym clothes galore. Well, under 30 lbs. “galore.” Actually, I really need to weigh what I have packed so far…

Anyway, I felt pretty good about my packing list, until our travel agency sent over its own list of essentials, which included:

A strap-on money holder/pouch for traveling/touring. Handbags with straps are not recommended.

So… a…  fanny pack? I haven’t had one of those since 3rd grade. You’re probably envisioning what immediately came to my mind…




Luckily, thanks music festival attendees’ progressive street style –  think Coachella and Burning Man – modern fanny packs are actually cool and available by almost every high-end designer.


But let’s be real. Anyone who spends $800+ on a FANNY PACK is a moron. Actually, anyone who buys a fanny pack is a moron.

Especially when you can make one for FREE!

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN; creating this perfect travel or music festival accessory is insanely simple!
photo 12

Grab your favorite fold-over clutch and a belt.

photo 13

Place your personal items in the clutch and then the belt inside the fold.

photo 15


Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack

I used a Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Amelia Clutch I purchased from and a white belt.  My clutch has a zippered pocket in the back to allow quick access to my ID and cash.

If you want to get a little more crafty, you can thread your belt through cuts in an old wallet.



What appeared to be a fashion obstacle, inspired a creative way to reuse an old clutch. I’m thrilled with the look of my DIY fanny pack and excited I’ll be able to walk around without worrying about my purse getting caught on tree branches, or swiped by petty thieves. In fact, I think I’ll rock this through the airport for quick access to my phone, passport, cash and ID. And Josh is ecstatic I’m finally using this overpriced piece of denim.