#1 Travel Essential for Your Vacation Packing List

Getaway Glamour: Packable Wide-Brimmed Travel Hats

Seemingly a no-brainer and the #1 travel essential on my vacation packing list, a wide-brimmed hat hides humidity ravaged hair and offers glamorous SPF protection. Rather than running through DTW sporting a snowsuit, fanny pack AND wide-brimmed sun hat in the dead of Winter, or smooshing it and ruining its shape, I usually wait until I arrive at my tropical destination to purchase an inexpensive, easily crumpled hat, which I leave in my hotel upon departure.


I have no idea what our first hotel in Costa Rica will have in the way of sun hats, and couldn’t chance looking like a crocodile hunter when I was hellbent on recreating Sydney Fashion Blogger, Antoinette Marie’s, glamorous tropical style (above), so I searched the deepest corners of the Internet (ok, just Amazon…) and discovered….

PACKABLE, CRUSHABLE wide-brimmed sun hats perfect for travel!


Maybe I’m late, but I didn’t know these existed.

These hats retain their shape during travel, which can be up to two days, come in a variety of styles and colors and can take you from the beach to a romantic dinner.

Skeptical of the quality of these crushable, packable wide-brimmed hats, I ordered a variety of styles and colors from Amazon.

One arrived today and I am so excited with the quality that I had to post a review comparing it to a hat I purchased for twice as much in Greece. I can’t wait to receive my large black 8 inch brimmed hat, so I can slip on a plunging v-neck black swimsuit and channel Antoinette Marie. I purchased a plunging Michael Kor’s similar to Sydney Fashion Bloggers swimsuit, and will include look-alikes in SHOP THE LOOK section below; however, if you can’t live without Marie’s exact swimsuit, it is made by Constantina and Louise.  Next week I will post a comprehensive Travel Essentials: Packing for Beach Vacation.



How To Turn a Clutch into a Designer Fanny Pack

Rather than attempting to the traverse mountain ranges, volcanoes and pothole-scarred roads of Costa Rica during our upcoming trip, we chartered a domestic flight that challenged me to keep my baggage under 30 lbs. Consequently, I’ve been VERY creative when it comes to packing versatile items that can take me from hiking the jungle to repelling down a waterfall.

Lululemon and Da-Nang cargo pants. Pieces by Free People that can be worn as a shirt, dress or swimsuit coverup. Water shoes with tread for hiking. Dry-fit gym clothes galore. Well, under 30 lbs. “galore.” Actually, I really need to weigh what I have packed so far…

Anyway, I felt pretty good about my packing list, until our travel agency sent over its own list of essentials, which included:

A strap-on money holder/pouch for traveling/touring. Handbags with straps are not recommended.

So… a…  fanny pack? I haven’t had one of those since 3rd grade. You’re probably envisioning what immediately came to my mind…




Luckily, thanks music festival attendees’ progressive street style –  think Coachella and Burning Man – modern fanny packs are actually cool and available by almost every high-end designer.


But let’s be real. Anyone who spends $800+ on a FANNY PACK is a moron. Actually, anyone who buys a fanny pack is a moron.

Especially when you can make one for FREE!

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN; creating this perfect travel or music festival accessory is insanely simple!
photo 12

Grab your favorite fold-over clutch and a belt.

photo 13

Place your personal items in the clutch and then the belt inside the fold.

photo 15


Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack

I used a Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Amelia Clutch I purchased from Bagborroworsteal.com and a white belt.  My clutch has a zippered pocket in the back to allow quick access to my ID and cash.

If you want to get a little more crafty, you can thread your belt through cuts in an old wallet.



What appeared to be a fashion obstacle, inspired a creative way to reuse an old clutch. I’m thrilled with the look of my DIY fanny pack and excited I’ll be able to walk around without worrying about my purse getting caught on tree branches, or swiped by petty thieves. In fact, I think I’ll rock this through the airport for quick access to my phone, passport, cash and ID. And Josh is ecstatic I’m finally using this overpriced piece of denim.







DIY Magnetic Makeup Board


24″x36″ Board Shopping List
1. 24×36 Black Picture Frame
2. Steel Sheet
3. Magnetic Basket
4. Magnetic Hook (4 Pack)
5. Magnets
6. Craft Adhesive
7. Mirror

Put the metal sheet in an appropriate frame, add baskets and hooks, secure magnets to makeup and mirror with glue/adhesive…. BOOM! You just created an organized magnetic makeup board for around $50, which you can secure to the wall over a desk and use as a vanity.

Create a similar board for around $20 by ditching the mirror and using an old frame you have around the house.