Unemployed & Homeless

I apologize for being MIA!  I’m a hopeless multi-tasker.  We spent our anniversary in Costa Rica and since getting back, my husband and I have spent every waking second securing his post-fellowship employment (accomplished) and our future housing (getting there).  If things were left completely to Josh, we would be unemployed, homeless and living in my parents’ basement… or a mobile home.

In fact, I usurped control of the house hunt after catching Josh browsing mobile homes online.  “We can live here… in this mobile home for FREE… while figure out what to do… Then we have a home on wheels instead of wasting money on rent…” he suggested after I shot down moving into my parents’ basement as a housing solution.

In the beginning, Josh and I defined “dream home” differently.  Josh wanted an underground bunker on 100 acres.  I wanted a waterfront property featuring a wall of windows in the great room. Josh had to have room to play ping pong.  I required a 1st floor master.  Josh believed all above-ground homes required a safe room.  No, seriously…  A safe room.  He also requires vaulted ceilings.  Judging from his distaste for 8 foot ceilings, you’d think he was a retired NBA player, not a 5’7” Jewish doctor.

We made an offer $40k over the appraised value of a home FSBO next to my parents.  The house is on the peninsula of a private lake, and featured ALMOST every single thing on both of our wish lists; it had a safe room!!!  Although it lacked a large master closet, wasn’t on several wooded acres and the finishes weren’t as modern as we like, it was as perfect as we were going to get without building.  I know.  I’ve been looking.  For a year.


So… it looks like we are building.  We had a meeting of minds and are on the same page as far as the house goes.  In fact, today we gave the green light to put an offer in on 2.5 heavily wooded lakefront acres, contingent on the ability to build a boardwalk and dock.  He can have his home in the woods on a few acres, and I can have my great room with a wall of windows overlooking a lake.

Fingers crossed!  I really want to take credit for both of our visions coming to fruition.

I’m trying so hard not to get too excited.  This entire process reminds me of getting married.  Possibly not being able to get rid of it if you need to… probably going bankrupt if you have to walk away… Feeling trapped.  You have to take a leap of faith based on the information you have and pray it works out.

Thankfully, I’m deliriously happy being married to Josh.  I love him more than ever and rarely want to smother him in his sleep with 1 of the 7 pillows he requires.  Hopefully, we will be just as happy with our decision to say “We Do” to a home, so we can focus on filling the house with a kid or 2…

… Because I refuse to bring a newborn home from the hospital to a mobile home.  Or my parents’ basement.

Anyway, I have a ton of great beauty finds I need to share and promise to share my latest skincare obsession within the next few days… Hint: I found THE BEST medical grade at-home chemical peel line, which I tested on myself, my mom and my brother’s girlfriend.

How To Take The Perfect (Hands-Free) Selfie

Tips, Tricks & Apps that Help You Take Better Selfies

How to take the perfect selfie
1. Natural light is the most flattering. Always keep your light source in front of you.  The selfie above has no filter… just great lighting.

2. Find your best angle. Almost no one has a perfectly symmetrical face… so choose a side. Shoot angling down to slenderize and up if you need to eat a steak.

3. Get some distance between you and the camera to eliminate distortions.  The worst is the “bell pepper nose” that happens when you take a photo too close to your face.


  • Hide your Narcissistic Personality Disorder and sick selfie obsession by forgoing devices altogether! Download CamMe in iTunes for free to shoot your selfies HANDS (and contraption) FREE!  The resulting photos don’t even look like selfies! See my video for a demonstration.

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