At-Home Chemical Peel Results

I’m basically healed from my laser skin resurfacing and will post a 2 week update tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had to share Chelsea’s before and 1 week after chemical peel results.

I started Chelsea’s series of 6 peels with a light 30% glycolic peel for 2 minutes, after which she did not peel.

For the 2nd chemical peel, I used a glycolic acid/salicylic combo, which evened out her skin tone, eliminated breakouts and reduced dark spots and scarring. Her chemical peel results are AMAZING! I can’t wait to get my hands on her face again.
ASDM Beverly Hills chemical peel results

To prep, I cleansed Chelsea’s face with Cetaphil, then wiped her face with 70% alcohol.

Then I used 50% ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Acid, which I left on for exactly 3 minutes.

I neutralized the acid, rewashed her face and applied 20% ASDM Beverly Hills Salicylic Acid for 2 minutes.

I finished the peel by washing her face once more and applying Cetaphil moisturizer.

Immediately after the chemical peel, Chelsea looked very red and strange bumps (that looked like hives) appeared. The bumps subsided within an hour, but she still looked like a crazy, peeling, red-faced monster for a few days; her total downtime from crazy to totally healed was 1 week.  She could have expedited the healing process with proper post-peel care; however, she never purchased Cetaphil or Aquaphor.

When healing from a laser or chemical peel, use Aquaphor Healing Ointment.  It will significantly expedite the healing process.

Note the marked improvement after only 2 treatments.

Chelsea is extremely happy with her results thus far and will undergo a 3rd chemical peel this weekend.

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  1. Are you unhappy with your laser procedure results? You never updated….

    • Vanessa says:

      I’m HAPPY! We bought a house and I got distracted and stopped blogging! I’ll write an update today!

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