Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing

Procedure Day

Yesterday I went to Masri Clinic in Birmingham, MI and had erbium laser skin resurfacing to my face.

Erbium laser skin resurfacing precisely ablates the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. The procedure also activates collagen to promote further tightening of the skin.

This procedure removes hyper-pigmentation, superficial lines to moderately deep wrinkles with less pain, fewer side-effects, and a more rapid recovery than other treatments, such as the CO2 laser.

Personally, I like having it done once a year/once every 2 years because I tend to pick at my face, which leaves red marks. Also, I love not having to wear foundation; this procedure leaves my skin looking airbrushed. However, the results are “indefinite” if you maintain your skin with SPF and products. The typical cost for this type of procedure ranges from $600-$2000.


The actual laser head used


The Laser

Laser skin resurfacing treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of a local anesthetic and possibly a mild sedative. I opted out of the sedative and wish I hadn’t!  TAKE THE SEDATIVE!

My laser technician cleansed my face with alcohol, applied topical numbing medication, then covered my face with Saran wrap to expedite the absorption of the medication.

Here is the FULL 1st pass of the laser.

In between each pass of the laser (we did 4), my technician reapplied numbing cream, which was the most painful part of the process.

This video contains some unladylike language, but shows you what to expect in-between each pass of the laser.

Immediately following the procedure…..

laser skin surfacing

Blowing cool air on my face, to alleviate the burn

laser skin resurfacing

Wiping off the crust on my face


Wiping off MORE crud. Lots of crusty crud.

When erbium laser skin resurfacing is complete, your doctor will apply a copper peptide cream or some other healing ointment and instruct you to keep your face moist until it peels in 3-5 days.


Applying post-treatment Copper Peptide cream to my face, which I will use to keep my face moist for 3-5 days, or until my face peels.


Applying the Copper Peptide Cream


I will post daily videos/photos of my progress in separate blog posts starting on day 3.

Although there wasn’t much change from yesterday to today, here is my video from this morning.

Day 2.  A lot of swelling. No/little pain. Was very difficult to sleep without wiping off the cream.  My doctor advised me NOT to wash my face until it peels.

**Also, this is not a sponsored post.  I elected to look like Freddy Krueger with zero monetary incentive.


  1. You look hot! ;-) You’re beautiful inside and out. Looking forward to the final reveal. I will be relying on make up to do wonders on my wedding day but thanks for sharing your experience and keeping it real and honest!

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