#1 Travel Essential for Your Vacation Packing List

Getaway Glamour: Packable Wide-Brimmed Travel Hats

Seemingly a no-brainer and the #1 travel essential on my vacation packing list, a wide-brimmed hat hides humidity ravaged hair and offers glamorous SPF protection. Rather than running through DTW sporting a snowsuit, fanny pack AND wide-brimmed sun hat in the dead of Winter, or smooshing it and ruining its shape, I usually wait until I arrive at my tropical destination to purchase an inexpensive, easily crumpled hat, which I leave in my hotel upon departure.


I have no idea what our first hotel in Costa Rica will have in the way of sun hats, and couldn’t chance looking like a crocodile hunter when I was hellbent on recreating Sydney Fashion Blogger, Antoinette Marie’s, glamorous tropical style (above), so I searched the deepest corners of the Internet (ok, just Amazon…) and discovered….

PACKABLE, CRUSHABLE wide-brimmed sun hats perfect for travel!


Maybe I’m late, but I didn’t know these existed.

These hats retain their shape during travel, which can be up to two days, come in a variety of styles and colors and can take you from the beach to a romantic dinner.

Skeptical of the quality of these crushable, packable wide-brimmed hats, I ordered a variety of styles and colors from Amazon.

One arrived today and I am so excited with the quality that I had to post a review comparing it to a hat I purchased for twice as much in Greece. I can’t wait to receive my large black 8 inch brimmed hat, so I can slip on a plunging v-neck black swimsuit and channel Antoinette Marie. I purchased a plunging Michael Kor’s similar to Sydney Fashion Bloggers swimsuit, and will include look-alikes in SHOP THE LOOK section below; however, if you can’t live without Marie’s exact swimsuit, it is made by Constantina and Louise.  Next week I will post a comprehensive Travel Essentials: Packing for Beach Vacation.



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