How To Take The Perfect (Hands-Free) Selfie

Tips, Tricks & Apps that Help You Take Better Selfies

How to take the perfect selfie
1. Natural light is the most flattering. Always keep your light source in front of you.  The selfie above has no filter… just great lighting.

2. Find your best angle. Almost no one has a perfectly symmetrical face… so choose a side. Shoot angling down to slenderize and up if you need to eat a steak.

3. Get some distance between you and the camera to eliminate distortions.  The worst is the “bell pepper nose” that happens when you take a photo too close to your face.


  • Hide your Narcissistic Personality Disorder and sick selfie obsession by forgoing devices altogether! Download CamMe in iTunes for free to shoot your selfies HANDS (and contraption) FREE!  The resulting photos don’t even look like selfies! See my video for a demonstration.

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