Let’s Talk Eye Shadow Brushes…

How can I apply eye shadow like a pro with as few inexpensive brushes as possible? Do you recommend an inexpensive starter kit for beginners on a budget?

photo 1Eyemakeup1

I achieved this look by applying 3 shadows from Urban Decay’s Original Naked Palette with 2 brushes from Real Techniques Starter Set ($14.79). In fact, although I own a billion brushes that range in price from drugstore steals to $75 for a single brush, I use the Deluxe Crease Brush from this set daily.

To copy this look, first prime your eyelids using your favorite primer. I am loyal to Urban Decay. NYX makes a less expensive version that also works well. Next, use the Real Techniques base shadow brush to apply:

1. SIDECAR, or your base shadow (usually this is my 2nd lightest shadow), to the entire lid
2. SMOG, or a slightly darker shadow, as a transition color above the lid, into and above the crease
3. VIRGIN, or your lightest shadow above Smog, up to the eyebrow

Lastly, to define the crease, press DARKHORSE, or your darkest shadow, into the crease with the deluxe crease brush.

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